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Sep 18

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Even in the rain, the skytower is looking fabulous. Dressed in rainbows

Aug 17

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Now that's what I call moving data

Aug 07

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Wtf, this guy voluntarily carrying an ammo case.

Jul 18

Twix Oreo Cheesecakes!

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this amazing recipe, but sadly it has disappeared from the internet. But using my skills (and a ninja local copy I had) I want to share it with everyone! Original source is: Gotta say that is a wicked domain name, tempted to pick it up myself! 😛 …

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Jul 16

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Digging out my recipe book. Om nom nom, I have awesome cooking skills!

Jul 13

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My sweet as loot from #unitedsweets

Jun 15

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The progress so far... #arcade

Mar 24

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Napier still has these!! #quaint

Jan 22

On self worth and self preservation.

[I started writing this before things fell into place] Recently, well, the last few months, I have been job hunting, and I also threw in an application to university. I’ve done the whole job hunting gig before and it took me five months to find a job. But this time I have the skills to …

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Jan 07

Resolutions and reflections

So a new year has begun, and it’s the traditional time for making resolutions and reflecting on how badly we did the year before. So really, a fresh start, a new hope, a dance in the rain, a run in the park. So, who has looked back on the last year and said “Hey, that …

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