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Jul 18

Twix Oreo Cheesecakes!

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this amazing recipe, but sadly it has disappeared from the internet. But using my skills (and a ninja local copy I had) I want to share it with everyone! Original source is: Gotta say that is a wicked domain name, tempted to pick it up myself! 😛 …

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Jan 22

On self worth and self preservation.

[I started writing this before things fell into place] Recently, well, the last few months, I have been job hunting, and I also threw in an application to university. I’ve done the whole job hunting gig before and it took me five months to find a job. But this time I have the skills to …

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Jan 07

Resolutions and reflections

So a new year has begun, and it’s the traditional time for making resolutions and reflecting on how badly we did the year before. So really, a fresh start, a new hope, a dance in the rain, a run in the park. So, who has looked back on the last year and said “Hey, that …

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Nov 22

Reinterpreting the meaning of things.

Recently, life has been one giant upheaval. My life has topsy-turvy and all over the place. I’ve been to many countries, met people I never thought I would, found friends, and lost a few. Quit a job, got a job, left the job, looking for a job. Discovered what I wanted wasn’t what I actually …

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Aug 02

OMG Sherlock!

Sooooooooo…… I just finished watching the first two seasons of Sherlock. And I think I am in love with this show. Like seriously. It is nearly my favourite show. Nearly. There are one or two that will always beat it out at the moment. And I can’t seriously wait for season 3 to come out in 2013. …

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Aug 01

All this fluff about marriage at the moment.

Currently in the news, (yes I am educated and stuff and read the newspaper like a champ (that reminds me, must pay the bill at some point too)) there is all this fuss about gay people getting the right to marry and the benefits(?) that come with the term marriage. And this debate seems to be going …

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Jun 29

Searching for the moon, and finding the stars.

First off, love and hugs to those of you that got in touch with me or, surprisingly, my mum. I am fine, you don’t need to worry about me, I promise It means a lot! Now, things are actually happening around here and it’s pretty cool. Some big events and big changes as the stone …

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Jun 08

Fighting about coathangers.

Just a quick post this evening, i think. We’ll see. Depends on how much I intend to ramble and how much I can put up with typing this out on my phone.

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Jun 05

A little stumble.

Well, I haven’t been writing as often as i’d have liked to been doing, but oh well, i suppose that happens. But i really should do it more because it’s usually rather therapeutic just rambling on to no one in particular about anything and everything.

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Nov 21

Surgery… Ahhhh!

X-ray of my teeth

So tomorrow I’m going for surgery. They are gonna put me to sleep and chop me up. :O Scary stuff! Well, not really. I am getting my wisdom teeth out. All of them. At once. Because they are pissing me off and hurting lots :'(

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