Aug 02

OMG Sherlock!

Sooooooooo…… I just finished watching the first two seasons of Sherlock. And I think I am in love with this show. Like seriously. It is nearly my favourite show. Nearly. There are one or two that will always beat it out at the moment. And I can’t seriously wait for season 3 to come out in 2013. But that’s too far away!

The entire crew on this show did marvellous job on this. Like yes!!!! And I am now totally in love with Molly. Sherlock is mean to her, and it’s not fair! She is amazing and tries so hard to make Sherlock notice her and he just ignores her again and again and again


It’s hard loving a tv show character….

Anyways, I won’t spoil this any more and I kinda need to sleep so more fangirling later

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  1. Alison

    Liam, your Sherlock badge was under your desk. Will keep it safe.
    Piper keeps finding things, unfortunately she found one of your worry dolls, it doesn’t have much of a head now, suppose it worries less now!

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