Jun 05

A little stumble.

Well, I haven’t been writing as often as i’d have liked to been doing, but oh well, i suppose that happens. But i really should do it more because it’s usually rather therapeutic just rambling on to no one in particular about anything and everything.

So. What’s been happening in my life recently? Well, probably a bit of catching up to do here then really. Let’s see… Umm, well first off, my last ramble was about me having surgery, and that was a long time ago. So i shall start from around there.

I started talking to a very special friend again, and then proceeded to have one of the best birthdays on records, so December was a bit of a mixed bag, but all in all, i was happy. And i ace Christmas presents that Christmas. I was awesome at the choosing. Mwaha. New years eve I somehow ended up heating a party. That was… interesting. January and February, two really good months. Hung out with friends lots, work was semi bearable, i was happy happy happy.

Sigh. March was okay…

April was crappy, but i house sat for my cousin for a couple of weeks which was kinda nice and work was closed so I got to work at other pools. God, that sounds boring, but when you work at the same pool everyday, the change of scenery makes the job just that little bit less boring. Oh! And in April I went to see How to Train your dragon arena spectacular! I dragged my sister along with me because the person I wanted to take was a bum and bailed on me. Ugh, terribly horrible. But Brianna loved me for it, and it was amazingly amazing! Fire and bubbles and dragons! Awesome!
Now May, well, May was all in all, really rather horrible. :( I was fighting with my best friend and now I’ve ended up traveling alone again (more on my travel later, on my other one). I miss her, everyday :( Other stuff in May, i got a parse, after completing some boring longwinded course that had far too much paperwork for work. And I went on my little holiday week.

My first holiday in 18 months. I deserved it, i needed the escape. So, it started off with a trip to the zoo with Nicole, and i got to see the red panda! It likes to hide -_- then the next day i decided to climb rangitoto (it’s a volcano in Auckland’s harbour for you foreigners out there). Had to work the next two days, but a trip to the doctors sorted that. Turns out i had chronic muscle fatigue from my assessment earlier that week. Sad face. But that night i went to Florence and the machine. Oh my gosh she is amazing live! Love xxxxxxx :p And then i was off to Sydney to see We the kings and simple plan play at the end of the week. But….. My flight ended up delayed 4 hours because of a fuel leak. Haha, how reassuring. So i became a tourist for a few days. Pottered around Sydney, went up the tower, walked round the outside, toured the opera house, ate out at restaurants and cafes. Made the spur of the moment decision to see The temper trap play live at the opera house. Now that was awesome. Awesome concert, at The Sydney Opera house! Then the next night i was off to see we the kings and simple plan play. <3 <3 <3 We the kings. Simple plan was cool too, but we the kings xxxxxxxxxx.

Anyways, that ended the month of May. Now it’s June, we shall see whats in store.

Love and miss you all,

Liam x


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